-- I'm a beginner, why would I pay for a plan when I can use a free C25K?

While any kind of activity is good, having a personal coach to direct and motive you will help you start, continue and finish the plan.  A coach will tell you when to go faster, slower and can tweak the workout for you.


--What makes you different from just downloading Hal Higton? (or Galloway)

These are great coaches that don’t offer their services, they have people they have trained, offering groups or just post plans online.  The plans and programs they offer are usually a generic for 16/20/30 weeks.  It’s kind of like getting a one size fits all t-shirt, it fits some people great but for the majority it’s way too big or too small.

-- I travel a lot, how can I train?

I will work with you to figure out local running groups in the area of travel, places to run and if all else fails, most hotels have a treadmill.  Most of my workouts/sessions only last around an hour (4% of the day).

-- You’re an elite runner; how can you help someone like slow me?

I started coaching in 1999 and I have helped all abilities of athlete improve, your plan will be tailored to you.  I don’t expect you to do the workouts that I would do, I want you to improve.  What I promise you is that I have a passion for coaching and want you to improve.  The more you put into it the training with feedback and following the plan the more you'll get out of it.

---I'm a fast runner... what do you know that I don’t already?

As a fast guy myself, I know the importance of having a coach to help direct me.  I always remember my coach saying a person that coaches themselves has a fool for a coach.  Let me take away the stress so you  just concentrate on your running.

I’m training for various events (spartan, tri, du, etc). How can you help me if I have those too?

I'm not a triathlon coach, but I have worked in tandem with athletes that have cycling and swimming coaches.

---I hate cross training. Do I have to? Why?

I know what you mean, it’s not my favorite thing to do either.  Cross training is a necessary evil to gain core strength, flexibility and a general rest from the pounding of running.  I will try to make it fun and we will find something that you like.


--I’m an average runner... Why would a coach make a difference to me?

Do you want to improve still?  Why be average when you can take it to the next level and be great for you. I take all the thinking out of it with the weekly plan, you just have to put your shoes on and know the designated workout for the day.


--I do intervals and I'm scared of not being able to straight run.

This is something I have helping some of my clients do for the last 6 years.  Not everyone can straight run and for some intervals are the best choice.  What I can help you do is get your running faster whether it’s during the intervals or during the straight running.