Shaw Coaching Service

Want to run faster?

Want to run easier?

Want to finish a longer race?

Customized individual weekly running plans that work around your busy lifestyle.

LEARN TO RUN SLOWER TO BE ABLE TO RUN FASTER. Not every day needs to be a PR day; recovery days and easy runs are just as important as workout days. 

I have nearly 20 years of coaching experience not including my own running, so it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an elite I have a program for you.

I use Final Surge ( to post your weekly plans, it also offers both computer and app based sites that will show your workout.  With the aid of your Garmin Connect upload, all the information from your workout will be uploaded to this site.  This allows me to break your workout/race down and see how we can tweak or change your future plans.  Final Surge is included in all packages at no additional fee for my clients.  Visit for more information.

I want to create, promote and support runners who are focused on personal improvement in the sport of running.

I offer both introduction and distance specific plans.  During our complementary initial discussion we will come up with both short and long term goals, this is very important because we need to see what you really want out of this coaching service.  I am available for questions through many different mediums (Facebook, text, email, Skype and phone).  The constant interaction between us is very important especially earlier on in the coaching relationship.  This is because early on we need to discuss what we both want so we can work together to attain your goals.

What do I ask of you; trust, self driven, honest, stick to the plan and shut out the naysayers.

There is not a quick fix and it will be difficult but my plans work.

A lot of my runners started off running intervals and many found that they actually got slower the more they did them.  If you want to stay with intervals that's fine, it works for some.  What I will do is help you run faster, so your times will improve.

Once you have purchased a plan, please email me at so I can send you a waiver and a link for the final surge site.  You can also now print off the documents straight from the website.  Payments can be made through this website, Paypal and by check.  Please contact me for more information and schedule our introductory discussion.

So what are you really getting for your money?  A personalized plan.  Unlimited contact with a coach that is writing your plan.  On the go changes to your plan.  Race strategies and a coach that really cares about you and wants you to improve.

Lets break it down further: 'the marathon just want to finish plan' is $297 for 16 weeks that's $18.57 a week.  I usually spend an average of three hours a week on each client.

I'm passionate about coaching and take each of my client's journey's and successes as personal as I do my own.  There is nothing like seeing my clients surpass goals they never thought they could reach and the look on their faces when they cross their finish line.  Although I am generally a no excuses kind of coach, I can be the coach you need me to be.  Some people do well with being held accountable and having it told like it is and some people need a softer approach.  We can work together to see what works best for you.